Keaton Henson 'Kindly Now' Album Review

Friday, 23 September 2016

I made sure I was alone when I played Keaton Henson's new album for the first time.

The greatest reason for this was that I knew what I was about to experience was going to be of such monumental beauty, I didn't want anything to distract me. The second reason was that I knew, almost certainly, that I was going to cry.

Keaton Henson's music first came to me in the form of Dear in 2012. His voice has been the soothing sound that has calmed me on my dimmest days with compositions that have sent me into a hypnotic state of the strangest nostalgia, desperate longing blended with freckles of light and waves of joy. If you are looking for a musician who has the ability to make you feel the whole spectrum of human emotion, then Keaton Henson is your man/god.

I don't know who hurt this beautiful creature to the point of the poetry that leaks from his pen, and being the private person he is, I'm sure we will never know.

I stumbled across the news of the brand 2016 new album Kindly Now release after single Alright popped up on my YouTube recommended. I hit play with nervous anticipation, battling the want to close my eyes and feel the music but also wanting to witness the devastatingly beautiful music video that depicts an inebriated, wide-eyed Henson clutching a microphone and swaying on the stage of a retro-looking public-house, his trembly falsetto leaving us with the impression he is in fact not alright at all.

So, when the rest of Kindly Now was released on 16th September 2016, I prepared myself for agony, reading through the intriguing track list and wondering what to expect from the likes of The Pugilist and Polyhymnia.

March opens the album with a combination of classical music, electronics and layered vocals, a composition that initially had me pondering if this album would be comparable to 2015 album Behaving, but as the woeful sounds of How Could I Have Known and the bittersweet messages of Old Lovers in Dressing Rooms - 'I haven't many words to say, I thought about you everyday' and 'did you love me like the way you wrote?' - revealed to me those heart-wrenching tones, the ones I first remember hearing. I am instantly in love.

I do believe this is an album you need to experience first-hand, I don't want to tell you how you should feel, you should just feel it, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to share them below.

You can buy the album here.

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  1. I love keaton henson so much! 'Sweetheart what have you done to us' makes me cry everytime it comes on my playlist. I need some alone time to listen to this album the full way through.


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